Main Features

Online Attendance Management

Say Hello to the effortless time sheets

  • Online TimeIn / TimeOut

    Employees can Clock In or Clock Out from any place in the world using web or mobile app.

  • Timesheet Approval

    Our app enables managers to approve or reject employees manually timesheet entries.

  • See Who’s Working

    Employers or managers can see which employees are present at work and who is coming late.

  • Leaves Management

    Employers can customize various leave types including paid, unpaid, carryover, annual and accrual leaves.

Payroll Process

Providing Easy Payroll Solutions

  • Payroll in Seconds

    With our payroll process, employers can run payroll in few seconds.

  • Export Reports

    Export payroll reports in excel or pdf format or send employee’s payslips in pdf via mail.

  • Manage Overtime

    Define custom rules for overtime and get overtime reports in payslip without any hassle.

  • Transparency and Accuracy

    Payroll report integrated with accurate timesheets visible to employees makes the system transparent to everyone.